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What's New?

December 3, 2014
Attorney General Eric Holder Delivers Remarks During The WhiteHouse Tribal Nations Conference

June 26, 2013
Executive Order Establishing the White House Council on Native American Affairs

August 2012
Current List of ICWA Designated Tribal Agents for Service of Notice

August 2012
Updated NYS Office of Children & Family Services ICWA Compliance Desk Aid

October 5, 2010
Full faith and credit accorded to tribal court child welfare ruling

Announcement (Sup.Ct. declines to hear appeal in Hogan v Kaltag)  

August 9, 2010
Second Circuit rejects Oneida claims for ancestral land compensation
Oneida Indian Nation v. County of Oneida

July 29, 2010
US Enacts Tribal Law and Order Act

Summary of comprehensive new law to aid tribal criminal justice
Text of Act

July 26, 2010
Fostering Connections: Tribal Child Welfare

Resource Center website     
Specific Resources on Tribal Issues

Webinar held on August 12, 2010:
"Supporting Tribal Child Welfare through a Better Understanding of the Opportunities Under Fostering Connections"    

June 15, 2010
United States BIA Recognizes Shinnecock Tribe

See New York Times Article

April 2, 2010
DOJ Launches Comprehensive Web Site for Tribal Communities

New Tribal Justice and Safety Website

January 11, 2010
Obama measures to improve tribal/federal consultation

Obama directive for Exec. Dept. Heads  (74 FR 57881, 11/9/09)
DOJ Press Release: Reforms to Improve Public Safety (1/11/10)
Memorandum for U.S. Attorneys, D.A.G. David Ogden (1/11/10)




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The mission of the Forum is to foster understanding and improve cooperation among jurisdictions.

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